Bhutan talk for Inner Wheel

AT THEIR February meeting the ladies of Montrose Inner Wheel enjoyed an informative, interesting and beautifully illustrated talk by Duncan Macdonald entitled ‘Bhutan, the Land of the Dragons’.

Having spent a holiday in the Kingdom of Bhutan, a predominantly Buddhist, mysterious far-off country nestling in the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas, he gave members an account of the country’s geography and history and showed pictures of its architecture, which has remained unchanged for centuries and its indigenous animals and birds. He also referred to its national sport, archery.

Although a few homes there do now have electricity, for the most part the people remain untainted by the excesses of Western civilisation and lead healthy, happy lives.

Duncan was pleased to answer the many questions put to him at the end of his talk. Inner Wheel member Esme Boyack gave the vote of thanks.