Bizarre answer to blocked drain angers householder


PETER and Jane Todhunter, who live at Charleton Lodge, are bewildered and angry after discovering Angus Council’s ‘solution’ to flooding on the A92 outside their property.

A drain was blocked and unable to cope with the volume of rain that was falling, and for many months a huge puddle had been forming on the main road north.

Not only was traffic being forced towards the wrong side of the road in order to miss it, but the huge splashes were constantly battering the old estate wall.

Mr Todhunter noticed in the Review that work was being done in other parts of town to alleviate flooding, so contacted Angus Council to ask for the rogue drain to be cleared.

That was agreed, and he met a drain squad in town who told him that Charleton was on their list.

And it was.

Two weeks ago the puddles on the main road disappeared - but a huge shock awaited the Todhunters.

When they looked at their ground on the garden side, they discovered that a channel had been dug underneath the wall, potentially weakening it, and a huge hole had been excavated so that the water from the drain was pouring into it before soaking away.

Mr Todhunter told the Review: “This is a bit of ground that has been left in its natural state, with trees and rough grass, but the point is that it is private property and part of the garden ground of our house.

“I cannot understand how they could do this without at least making contact to ask permission.

“The drain hasn’t been cleared at all, and now the water is beginning to stagnate.”

We put Mr Todhunter’s predicament to Angus Council, and a spokeswoman said: “Following a request from the landowner, our contractor was sent to clear out the outfall of the choked gully.

“Due to a breakdown in communication, for which we apologise, the contractor cleared out the outfall on the garden side of the wall, before we first made contact with the landowner to discuss the problem.

“We will be in touch with the property owner shortly to talk about the matter more fully.”