Blitz on wrongly parked drivers just the ticket

Police officers out and about.
Police officers out and about.

Police Scotland were on a mission in Montrose and Brechin last week with a flurry of parking tickets for scores of drivers flouting parking regulations.

Two officers were seen attaching the fines to cars parked on double yellow lines and on pedestrian crossings.

Constable Ally Hutchison said: “It’s like the Wild West out here today, people are parking their cars anywhere they feel like. I don’t think they realise how dangerous it is.”

Sgt Renilson who is the Police Scotland community sergeant and spokesperson for the force, in a statement to the Review said: “Due to the rise in complaints relating to parking offences within both Montrose and Brechin, local officers have been carrying out regular patrols within the areas concerned which has resulted in a number of fixed penalty notices being issued. It is not only an offence, but creates a safety issue for other drivers and pedestrians.

“It is not only areas where double yellow lines are in place that result in a fine but single yellow line areas fall into the same category when vehicles are parked at certain times which is clearly marked on the relevant signs.

“If parked within the confines of a pedestrian crossing there is also the additional penalty of points added to a driving licence.

“It is not the sole intention of local officers to target the public and all that is expected is for drivers to show some consideration and use the free parking facilities available in both towns which are within walking distance of the town centres and used by the majority of the public.’’