Blow Monkeys set Angus tour date

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Following the success of The Blow Monkeys latest album, the self released ‘If Not Now, When?’, in 2015 the band are ready share their music out there live once again.

And they will be taking centre stage in Angus in April when they perform at Montrose Town Hall on Saturday, April 30.

Since they reformed in 2008 The Blow Monkeys have been recording and performing again with almost indecent haste.

This is a chance to catch the band with all four original members performing with a mix of classic hits and brand new songs - all infused with that enigmatic simian soul.

The Blow Monkeys will be forever synonymous with those international hit songs from the 80’s, such as ‘Digging Your Scene’ and ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way’, with Dr Robert, the iconic frontman.

But the man himself prefers to live in the present. He said: “We’ve made four albums in the last six years since we reformed. We’re on a roll!

“It’s not about nostalgia and never will be.

“Of course we play the old songs live and love doing them, but the buzz also comes from doing something new.

“Our audience is hip enough to know that.”

The band is made up of: Mick Anker on bass, the man who used to wear sideburns topped off with a bowler hat, continues his mesmeric swaying ways whilst playing intricate bass lines of funk and grace; Neville Henry, multi-instrumentalist best known for his achingly beautiful tenor sax lines and stylish suits; Tony Kiley on drums, a powerhouse from the valleys of South Wales, who can explode like Buddy Rich and swing like Gene Krupa; and of course Dr Robert, the iconic front man and songwriter, spouting opinions and poses in equal measure with a canny sense of knowing and a suitcase full of killer songs.

Robert added: “We’re really only just beginning to get the hang of all this.

“We can’t wait to get out and play it again - it’s where it all becomes real.”