Bridge results from all over

A ROUND-UP of recent bridge results in and around Montrose.

Last Monday’s winners.

N/S - 1, M. Keith Sellar and H. Shepherd; 2, I. Gilbert and A. Ninteman; 3, B. Anderson and P. Salmon.

E/W - 1, M. Budge and I. O’Neill; 2, E. Murray and R. Murray; 3, S. Lees and W. Moore.

Tuesday’s Aggregate, round five

N/S - 1, Moira Cameron and Ans Ninteman; 2, Sarah Williams and Eric Wilson; 3, Steve Davis and Alastair Pullar.

E/W - 1, Wilma Hanton and Eleanor Butters; 2, Nancy Duncan and Doug Angus; 3, Iain Graham and Jake Milne.

Dun Bridge Club

Monday’s results: N/S -1, Mary and Jim Terris; 2, Ida Doig and Grace Frost.

E/W - 1, Margaret Hugh and Doreen Scott; 2, Jean Stewart and Kit Souter.

Montrose Ladies

Results from Friday for Montrose Ladies’ Bridge Club were as follows.

N/S - 1, Laura Passway and Rae Morris; 2, Irene Gilbert and Moira Cameron; 3, Chrissie Coulter and Irene O’Neill.

E/W - 1, Edith Argo and Jean Thomson; 2, Betty Anderson and Margaret Budge; 3, Ans Ninteman and Irene Christie.