Bridie gets a taste of her first Christmas

Bridie celebrating Christmas at the Forfar training centre at Orchardbank.
Bridie celebrating Christmas at the Forfar training centre at Orchardbank.

Guide Dogs staff in Forfar have been joined by a special guest as they celebrate Christmas in this their fiftieth year in the town.

Bridie the Guide Dog - specially named for the golden jubilee earlier this year - has been back at the centre as she continues her training.

Now nine months old, she was named ‘Bridie’ earlier this year to co-incide with the major milestone for the charity at its training school.

The Golden Retriever cross Labrador has become the community’s guide dog this year and was one of the star attractions at the training centre’s celebratory fun day in September.

A fundraising drive was launched to raise £5000 to help with her progress and, to date, £1009.98 has been raised.

Staff are delighted to report she is progressing well and has learnt to walk nicely on the lead.

They said: “She has a good understanding of the obedience commands which will be the basis for her training as a Guide Dog. She has a sound temperament to the everyday sights and sounds she meets when out and about with her Puppy Walker and will settle quietly when in social situations like cafes and restaurants.

“At home she is well behaved and a pleasure to have around. She still has some puppy traits and particularly enjoys her free time off lead chasing her four legged friends in the park which is an essential part of her puppy walking.”

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