Broadband “far too slow”

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Broadband speeds in Montrose and the surrounding area have been criticised by members of the public on the Review’s Facebook page.

Particular areas highlighted as suffering from poor internet speeds were Ferryden, Rossie Island, Hillside and Borrowfield.

Nichola Wilkie said: “I live in Ferryden and max we can get is 4MB, tried to get fibre optic but only available in Montrose! Surely they can put down another 500 meters to get it into Ferryden? Shocking for this day and age.”

James Pithie commented: “I live in Hillside and the internet here is unbelievably poor. Moved in last summer and my broadband was 5MB but the start of the year it increased to 8MB, I’m sure the rest of Montrose would’ve had that kind of speed about 10 years ago.”

Mr Stephen said: “The internet in the Montrose area is far too slow.”

A spokesperson for BT said: “Openreach’s commercial investment is based on fibre deployment to street cabinets in any exchange area and they look at a number of criteria to establish whether it is commercially viable to upgrade each individual cabinet. Not every line in any given exchange area will be able to access fibre initially, for various technical and commercial reasons.

The good news is that two of the cabinets serving Ferryden have been added to our original commercial upgrade plans. One, which serves premises in the centre of the village, is in the final stages of testing and, if no problems are found, we expect it to be in service around mid-July.

“The second cabinet, which serves premises in the Rossie Island Road area, is due to follow in mid-September.”