Broadband speed set to treble

BROADBAND speeds in Montrose are set to at least treble when superfast broadband goes live in the town, according to new research.

BT has forecast that some homes and businesses will see a 10-fold increase in performance when the fibre broadband technology goes live by spring next year, with customers experiencing speeds of up to 40Mbps.

Montrose will be the first Angus community, and one of only four in Scotland, to benefit from the new system.

Brendan Dick, BT’s director for Scotland, said: “Our research in towns that already have superfast fibre broadband shows that 75 per cent of customers who have made the switch have seen their speeds increase by at least three times, and many have seen much bigger increases.

“Customers are telling us that it has transformed their experience of the internet. For example, uploading your own 20-second video clip to YouTube takes 12 minutes on first generation broadband up to 8Mbps, and two minutes 30 seconds on super-fast BT Infinity, whilst downloading a 12-track album from iTunes takes three minutes compared to a super-fast time of just 36 seconds.

“This, coupled with the chance to upgrade for free, makes a compelling case for switching to super-fast fibre broadband whether using it for business or leisure.”

The company estimates that a large number of premises will be able to access fibre-based broadband although it is likely that a minority will not initially be able to receive super-fast services due to a combination of technical and economic reasons.

The news has been welcomed by local politicians, who have said the move will have particular advantages for business users.

Local MP Mike Weir said: “Though it is believed a small minority will not initially be able to receive the superfast service BT are keen to meet with local councillors to discuss how best to resolve this.

“It is important broadband users in Angus can enjoy as fast speeds as possible and I hope it is only a matter of time before other burghs in Angus are added to BT’s improvement of broadband speeds and look forward to further announcements from the company in the future.”

North East MSP Nigel Don has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament welcoming the move.

He said: “This is fantastic news for the folk of Montrose, who will soon be able to access super-fast broadband speeds.

“This will be of great benefit not only to domestic users, but also to businesses who will be able to lock in to all of the advantages that this move will give them.

“I am sure that this tranche of superfast broadband will be followed by other areas across Angus and the rest of Scotland, and I look forward to future positive announcements from BT.”