Angry response to GSK windfarm proposals by Action Group

LAST week the Montrose Review reported the formation of an action group as part of Ferryden community’s protest against GSK’s proposed giant wind turbines.

On Wednesday, two members of the action group attended Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council, where they explained their concerns.

A spokesman for the action group told the Review: “The reception was friendly and respectful and generally supportive. The action group looks forward to the possibility of working jointly with the people of Hillside to stop this outrageous desecration of the Montrose skyline.”

The spokesman went on to consider the effect a similar application might have in a nearby council area. He said: “Can anyone seriously contemplate such vandalism in St Andrews?

“No. As it happens, it could not happen in St Andrews because the Fife Council has had the great good sense to adopt the Scottish Government’s guidelines of a minimum of two kilometres around such turbines, in contrast to Angus Council, which has no such sense.

“No one seems to know why, but the lack of any separation zone certainly works in GSK’s benefit, since it legalises the erection of these massive structures only 240 metres from the Barracks and Ferryden. These are the communities who will pay the price of GSK’s green ambitions, not to mention their cheap electricity.”

The spokesman then issued a rallying cry: “Meanwhile, the Montrose citizenry slumber on, oblivious to the spoliation of their heritage. They clearly think that GSK can do no wrong, cannot make mistakes, whatever they want must be good for Montrose.

“Wake up, Montrose!”

The action group then turned its attention to the Montrose Society. The spokesman said: “Meanwhile, too, the Montrose Society, founded in 1956 as a campaigning action group appears in danger of forgetting its role as guardians and protectors of the town.

“We realise that to date GSK’s formal planning application has not yet been submitted, so putting the best gloss on it, maybe the Montrose Society is simply keeping its powder dry, but in case they hadn’t noticed, Montrose has started to burn, so stop fiddling before it is out of control.”

The final target was Montrose Community Council: “And what of Montrose Community Council? Is there one? As far as anyone knows, the council has never even had GSK’s proposal on their agenda, far less given the Montrose people a voice in the matter. This is not apathy, it is downright sabotage.” Anyone interested in learning more about the Ferryden Action Group can visit the website where contact details can be found.

l The proposal by GSK is to site two wind turbines, each 426 feet high, on their own property at the south side of the Cobden Street site, directly across the river from Ferryden.

GSK say the turbines would cut the factory’s carbon footprint and energy costs, reduce the use of fossil fuels to the benefit of the environment, and ensure the Montrose site remains competitive with a sustainable future.