Fairtrade Forum continues to spread the good word

WHEN Montrose Fairtrade Forum met last Thursday in Montrose Academy it was noted that 600 Fairtrade leaflets had been sent to the Academy for distribution to primary schools and 240 leaflets were sent to the Angus Council offices in Forfar.

Written confirmation is awaited for the distribution of leaflets at Tesco on April 6, 2013. This is during school holidays.

In total 2,500 leaflets have been distributed and there are 1,500 remaining.

Since Peter Stevens stepped down, no one has been willing to act as a link between the Montrose Churches Together Central Council and the Forum.

It had been decided that Mr Stevens could call a one-off meeting of all church Fairtrade representatives to discuss what collective action could be taken by the churches during Fairtrade Fortnight 2013, which will run from Monday, February 25, to Sunday, March 10.

It was suggested that the Forum would benefit by once again having a pupil member from the Academy.

Kelly Ann Dempsey has received copies of the Scotland Fairtrade Guide 2012 which contains a section about each local authority’s commitment to Fairtrade as well as details about businesses and caterers across Scotland. Kelly Ann contributed the section about Angus.

She also said that there are proposals for each Fairtrade town to add the words ‘A Fairtrade Town’ to signs at its approaches.

The next meeting will be at 4pm in Montrose Academy on Thursday, October 25.