Link to the A90 is long overdue

THE OVERTURNED timber lorry at Lower Northwater Bridge last week has left questions in some people’s minds about the approach roads to Montrose, a town with a business economy that many others envy.

The town’s geography makes it a thriving port, and it is a proven base for oil-related industry.

Wikipedia says: “Montrose is a ... centre for international trade. It is an important commercial port for the thriving oil and gas industry.”

But what Wikipedia politely refrains from saying is that the roads infrastructure has a long way to go before it can be added to the list of attractions the town possesses, such as its talented and willing workforce.

In an ideal world the A92 would have been the trunk road from Dundee to Aberdeen, and would have been made dual carriageway decades ago.

But more than 30 years ago the decision was taken to ‘de-trunk’ the coast road and confer that honour on the inland route, which leaves Dundee to go north via Forfar and Brechin and rejoin the old route at Stonehaven.

Since then the A92 has been upgraded to dual carriageway between Dundee and Arbroath, but no further north. Nobody is holding their breath about its continuing to Montrose.

And it is all the more mysterious that about five years ago there was a plan for an improved link to the A90 via Tarranty (Trinity) at Brechin, to take advantage of the existing grade separated access to and exit from the trunk road north.

Many people are asking what happened to that plan. Why was it dropped when it is popularly believed that a considerable amount of money had already been spent on the project? Can it be reinstated?

With a council election just a few months away, perhaps these are questions that could profitably be asked.