Local people sample the Domino’s effect!

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The WORLWIDE pizza chain Domino’s visited Montrose in the shape of a 14-metre pizza truck last Tuesday.

The visit is part of the ‘Domino’s pizza on tour’ promotion that brings the pizza franchise to locations where Domino’s does not yet have a presence. In its Angus and Fife tour, the truck also visited Forfar, Arbroath, Cupar and St Andrews.

The ‘tour’ brought a large pizza truck that contained all the ovens and preparation surfaces needed to make a selection of pizzas. The truck was located in Lidl’s carpark and brought in a huge crowd from all over the local area.

It was staffed by a small team of five ‘elite’ Domino’s employees who were kept busy serving an ever-growing crowd. While some people came to the car park and immediately left due to the immense queue, many joined the line and waited over 90 minutes before being handed their pizza.

With over 120 people waiting to be served or receive their order, the Domino’s staff remained positive with jokes about how the queue was definitely shortening and that they were slowly but surely reducing the waiting time.

The truck’s speakers blared out inspirational tracks such as the Rocky theme song and ‘Footloose’ which entertained both the crowd and the intrepid Domino’s team.

The large travelling truck was the brainchild of Sean Geddes, owner of Dominoid Ltd., in Edinburgh, who recently told the Review: “Three years ago I built a 14-metre trailer to sell the product at motor sport events or musical festivals.

“But it makes sense to use it at other times, too.”

The ‘Domino’s pizza on tour’ event is to gauge potential areas in which the franchise could open a Domino’s store. Mr Geddes explained that while some companies use computer models to find out if there is interest he prefers a more hands-on approach by bringing the pizza to the people.

Commenting on Tuesday’s visit, a spokesman for Domino’s said: “This is the first time we have visited Montrose and the reception was fantastic. Montrose certainly seems to be a town of pizza lovers.”

However, even with the positive reception the spokesman also revealed that there are not yet plans to open a permanent store - in the immediate future at any rate.

Those who missed the pizza truck should not despair, the tour will come back to the local area in September and will stop off in Montrose on September 11, once again in the Lidl carpark.

However, it is advised that pizza-lovers should turn up early!