MP warns on fuel ‘freeze’

ANGUS MP Mike Weir has warned that the Autumn Statement from the Chancellor contains, at best, mixed news for Angus. Whilst welcoming the rise in pensions, he noted that many working families would see tax credits frozen which would impact upon budgets.

Commenting on the changes in fuel duty, which will effect families and businesses throughout Angus, Mr Weir said: “Whilst any reduction in fuel duty will be welcomed by local families and businesses, even here there has been a sleight of hand in that it will reduce by 2p and not the widely reported 3p. What the Chancellor has done is defer the 3p increase from January to August and cancel the additional 2p increase in August. At a time of stagnant wages this means that the cost of fuel will still increase by 3p due to taxation over any rises due to changes in world prices.

“It is time the UK government took real action on this and introduced a fuel duty stabiliser to ensure a stable price to allow businesses to plan ahead.”