No ‘change at Edinburgh’

PEOPLE who get on long-distance trains at Montrose regard a straight-through journey to King’s Cross in London as their right, not a privilege.

Therefore Angus MP Mike Weir has welcomed the announcement from Scottish Government Transport Minister Keith Brown that, following the responses to the Rail 2014 Consultation, it has been decided that there will be no cross border hub at Edinburgh. Direct services will continue from the north-east to London.

Mr Weir had submitted a response to the consultation strongly arguing for the retention of direct services.

He continued: “I am delighted that the Scottish Government has accepted that the direct services are vital to Angus and Aberdeenshire both for tourism and business. The loss of these services would have hit the local economies and would have had the perverse effect of pushing passengers from rail to air.

“The direct services are important to Stonehaven, Montrose and Arbroath by giving them a direct line to London and other major cities in England.”