Oil company to double facility

PROPOSALS to extend a Montrose factory are likely to receive conditional approval from Angus councillors today (Thursday).

The development control committee is thought likely to rubber-stamp the thumbs-up by planning department officials.

GE Oil and Gas - formerly known as ABB Vetco Gray UK Ltd., - has applied for planning permission to alter and extend the workshop of its Brent Avenue premises to almost double its current size. If given the go-ahead, this will give the company an extra 49,244 square feet of factory space.

The concrete hardstanding and boundary fence around the existing factory will be continued around the new extension building.

The application site comprises land adjacent to the existing factory building, located within the second phase of the Brent Avenue extension to Forties Road Industrial Estate.

The land to be occupied by the extension will be accessed, as at present, from the spur road taken off Brent Avenue.

In his report to the council’s development standards committee, infrastructure services director Eric Lowson said the planned extension is to the north of the present building on an area currently laid out in hardcore and designated for further industrial development.

He said: “The proposals involve a fairly large scale extension to the existing factory unit, position on its northmost elevation.

“The proposed design is relatively standard for this type of unit, with a double span roof pitch and finished in materials to match the existing factory.

“The proposals also include a replacement oil storage and special waste building to be located on the eastern boundary of the site.”

An objection was raised initially by the head of the roads department, who was concerned that no additional parking provision had been made according to council requirements, but the objection was withdrawn after the company provided a transport statement.

The statement confirmed there is already an over-provision of six spaces and that there is ample on-site space to provide extra parking as required.

No letters of representation had been received from the public regarding the development, which would be situated on land owned by Angus Council.

Recommending conditional approval, Mr Lowson said the plan presents no intrusion into the amenity of the area.

He said: “The proposed development will provide additional facilities for established industrial premises in accordance with the relevant development plan policies for business and industrial uses on employment land, with no significant detriment in terms of visual amenity nor the amenity of other land uses within the surrounding area.

“There are no material considerations that justify refusal of the application.”

The two conditions attached to approval are standard ones: that the development begins within three years of permission being granted; and that details of the proposed means of site enclosure be submitted to, and approved by, the planning authority.

GE Oil and Gas is a world leader in advanced technology equipment and services for all segments of the oil and gas industry, from drilling and production, LNG, pipelines and storage to industrial power generation, refining and petrochemicals.