Roo’s Leap to benefit from investment

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IT IS always good to be able to report a local business expanding, and doubly so at a time when the economy is fairly stagnant.

But that’s exactly what popular local restaurant Roo’s Leap is proposing to do, with plans submitted for a larger extension to replace the existing one to the left of the building.

Chris Beattie, whose family has owned Roo’s Leap for the past 12 years, told the Review that the extension will be two storeys instead of one, and the entire restaurant will be freshened up during the work.

There will be a new dining area downstairs, and Chris says that this will greatly enhance Roo’s Leap’s accessibility to those with mobility difficulties.

Also downstairs there will be awaiting area, with a bar and comfortable armchairs, where diners can relax while their table is being prepared.

The restaurant upstairs will have an external terrace to the rear.

The existing extension protrudes slightly beyond the frontage of the original building, but the new-build will be a little distance back. It will feature a large window upstairs. Chris explained: “Everybody wants the seats at the front because of the view. So more people will be able to enjoy it.”

He confirmed that business has been very steady, even showing a slight increase. He added that there were thoughts of building the extension a couple of years ago, but it was decided to wait and see how the recession affected business.

If all goes to plan, the extended Roo’s Leap could be open for business in the summer, next year.

Chris concluded: “I suppose we could have sold up and gone elsewhere, but there is a great customer base in Montrose, and it was an easy decision to invest here, employ more people and maybe attract more people to the town.”