Safety honours for local firms

THE ROYAL Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), has issued this year’s list of Scottish businesses and organisations to gain awards.

Montrose has three mentions.

RoSPA say: “The awards Occupational Health and Safety Awards 2011 recognise these organisations’ approach to preventing accidents and ill health at work.”

The RoSPA Awards look not only at accident records, but also overarching health and safety management systems, recognising important practices such as strong leadership and workforce involvement.

RoSPA’s Tom Mullarkey said: “RoSPA award winners from right across Scotland should be very proud of their achievements. Not only do our awards provide well-deserved recognition for the winners, but they also encourage other organisations to raise their standards of accident and ill health prevention.”

Local awards were: President’s (11 consecutive Golds) - GE Oil & Gas VetcoGray, Brent Avenue; Gold Medal (nine consecutive Golds) - GE Oil & Gas, Charleton Road; and Gold Medal (nine consecutive Golds) - GlaxoSmithKline.