‘Scottish Wild Salmon’ is now a protected trademark

SCOTTISH Wild Salmon is a distinctive brand that should guarantee the finest quality fish - and from now on that quality is underwritten by the EU.

The brand has been accorded EU Protected Food Status, which means that companies in other countries, which have tried in the past to cash in on the brand, can now be dealt with in the courts.

The exact description is Protected Geographic Indication (PGI).

The new status is particularly welcomed by local business Usan Salmon Fisheries.

George Pullar, who runs the business with his brother, David, said they are thrilled by the attainment of this worthy status.

He went on to say that PGI accreditation is fitting for a product of such unequalled quality and uniqueness, adding that the use of the logo in conjunction with Usan Salmon Fisheries’ distinctive branded security carcase tags, would provide further protection from cheap, poor quality imitations.

Customers would be assured that they were buying the very finest Scottish produce.

The initiative to have the brand protected was made by the Salmon Net Fishing Association of Scotland (SNFAS).

Their chairman, James Mackay said: “We are keen for the distinctive nature and quality of the salmon to be preserved for consumers, and that is the reason why we have pursued this renowned benchmark.

“The salmon and indeed our long-established Scottish industry, with its traditional skills and crafts, should be safeguarded for future generations to enjoy as part of Scotland’s proud heritage.

“The award of PGI status provides long overdue recognition for both the salmon and the few remaining salmon netters.”

The brand sells well in home and export markets.

Mr Mackay was keen to praise the Scottish Government, the EU and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), for their help.

Other products to benefit under PGI protection include Arbroath Smokies.

Some history of salmon fishing is available on the SNFAS website, along with a huge number of photographs.

Their web address is: www.scottishsalmonassoc.net