Seafront Splash work is almost completed


SIGNIFICANT progress is being made with the installation of the new play equipment at Montrose Seafront Splash.

When the Review visited the area on Wednesday, taking advantage of the glorious sunshine, Angus Council workers were busy in one corner of the playground putting the final touches to the foundations of the sort of climbing frame that makes grandfathers wish they were wee boys again.

And as we watched a lorry loaded with concrete arrived and work began to fill in the foundations.

But Mr Henry Pinder, proprietor of the beach cafe, shop and amusement arcade, remains unamused by the fact that the work has spilled over into the short and intense summer season.

He said that it is impossible to determine exactly how detrimental the work has been to his takings, because of the recent wet weather that effectively closed down the area.

He is also concerned about health and safety issues, and says that when families see that work is ongoing, they sometimes turn round and go elsewhere.

Mr Pinder claimed that the council’s management is poor, and that there had been 10 months in which the work could have been done.

A spokeswoman for Angus Council told us: “As was already publicised, we carried out as much work at the Seafront Splash as possible prior to the school holidays beginning.

“We are now cordoning off areas at a time in order to install equipment as quickly as possible.

“We hope to have the majority of the work completed within the next few days, to enable children to enjoy the park throughout the school holidays. While work continues, all appropriate measures are in place to ensure the safety of the public using the park.”

Leisure services spokesperson Councillor Jeanette Gauld added that delays with the supply of equipment caused the £80,000 project run late.

She added that with the new swimming pool on budget and set to open on its target date in October, these are fantastic addition to the facilities available for residents and visitors in Montrose.