Shop’s customers want their property returned

CUSTOMERS of a local laundry and dry cleaner have been left in the lurch after the sudden closure of the premises.

The Laundry Shop in New Wynd closed its doors some time towards the end of January or beginning of February, apparently without warning, with customers’ belongings still inside.

One man, who asked not to be named, said he had taken items in to be cleaned on January 24 and had been given a collection date two weeks later, but when he returned the shop was shut and a notice saying the premises will be shut until further notice appeared shortly after that.

He said: “I put the items in to be laundered and they said they would ‘phone me when they were ready, but when they didn’t I went back and it was closed. I’ve been along a few times to see if there has been any change but the notice has been there for a fortnight.

“There have been rumours that it’s closing for refurbishment but nothing seems to be going on and when you look through the window everything is still there.”

The man also said that after several visits he contacted Angus Trading Standards which had pursued the matter although he is no closer to retrieving his belongings.

He continued: “Trading Standards have been quite good and have ‘phoned me twice, and it seems that I’m not the only person who has been making inquiries.

“They told me that it seems as if the property company that has the building has gone in to liquidation and the company that ran the laundry had gone the same way. It’s just a couple of pairs of sheets and some pillowcases I have in there but I want to get them back.”

Trading Standards this week confirmed that the service has received a number of complaints about the shop and that the building’s owners appear to have gone in to liquidation. There was no response or recorded message when the Review contacted the shop and the business’s Lower Balmain Street premises.

The complaints have also prompted a Tayside Police investigation and a force spokeswoman said that “inquiries are continuing.”