Unique approach to training

Capita's new training unit will further enhance North sea workers's skills.'Contributed photo
Capita's new training unit will further enhance North sea workers's skills.'Contributed photo

OFFSHORE health services specialist Capita is developing its Montrose site with a unique facility to enhance training of medical staff in offshore industries.

The company is in the process of creating a new bespoke unit to provide extra training capacity and allow the introduction further training courses to help meet the energy industry’s latest competency requirements.

The unit will offer a range of care and skills course delivered by a team of experts team highly experienced in all forms of remote, maritime and offshore healthcare delivery.

Its new centre, replacing the existing training accommodation on the Forties Road site, includes two lecture rooms, three patient-focused practical skills stations and an innovative medical simulation suite that mirrors the offshore working environment.

Unit manager Kevin Evangelista said the new facility is a “significant step forward” for the company.

He continued: “The company has long enjoyed a reputation for finding innovative ways to deliver quality medical training. This investment will not only give us the scope to broaden our portfolio, but will also help ensure our courses remain relevant, engaging and effective.

“It will allow us to introduce different medic training products, covering areas such as occupational health surveillance, which our customers need in support of their strategic health and safety objectives.

“We deliver continuous professional development courses and regular clinical update sessions for our clients so that the best standards of healthcare can be delivered offshore.”

All Capita courses are audited and reviewed regularly to ensure they comply with the relevant regulations and current clinical best practice. They are also approved, where appropriate, by the Health and Safety Executive, the Royal Environmental Health Institute and the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

The company, which has trained offshore medical staff for more than 30 years, uses practical skills workshops, case studies and patient ‘actors’ in a fully-interactive approach to training provision.

Mr Evangelista added: “The establishment of the offshore medical simulation suite will place medics in the most realistic environment possible and by using advanced medical simulation methods and telemedicine we can ensure that healthcare professionals are fully prepared for every situation.

“This simulation is thought to be the first of its type in the field of remote and offshore medicine.”