“Upbeat” meeting with GSK management

GSK's continuing investment in its Montrose site is a 'vote of confidence.'
GSK's continuing investment in its Montrose site is a 'vote of confidence.'

Continuing investment in Glaxosmithkline’s (GSK) Montrose site is a vote of confidence in the company’s workforce, local MP Mike Weir has said.

Mr Weir recently attended an “upbeat” meeting in London with GSK chairman Sir Christopher Gent and the company’s senior management to discuss issues surrounding the company and the pharmaceutical industry.

GSK meets annually with MPs representing constituencies in which it has a facility.

Mr Weir said he was pleased to hear that GSK globally remains in good health despite the continuing problems of the world economy.

He said: “Whilst I have regular contact with the local management at Montrose it is always good to attend such meetings and get some idea of how the whole business is being viewed, since Montrose provides many ingredients for GSK products worldwide.

“It is a good sign that the chairman of such a major company is prepared to come along and discuss both local and international issues with MPs. It was an informative and upbeat event.”

Mr Weir added that the company remains a major employer in the Montrose area and is continuing to have a “significant impact” on the local and Angus economies.

He continued: “It continues to invest in the Montrose facility showing the importance of the plant and its workforce to the company. Despite continuing economic difficulties, particularly in the European market, GSK is performing well and that is good news for the Montrose factory and the local economy.”