Water project benefits Basin

A £610,000 SCHEME to improve the quality of water going in to Montrose Basin was unveiled this week by Scottish Water.

The company intends to upgrade the system at its Cobden Street pumping station, replacing six old units with four modern, more efficient pumps which will cut down on the potential for chokes by rags, litter and other sewer debris.

At the same time the new control system will prevent shock loads entering and potentially overwhelming the sewage treatment works north of the town during periods of extreme weather.

The move has been welcomed by local politicians and the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT), which co-manages the basin.

Rab Potter, SWT’s reserve manager for north east Scotland, said: “SWT welcomes any initiatives which have the potential to improve the quality of water entering Montrose Basin.

“Improving water quality is vital to protect the fragile habitat within the reserve.”

The basin, a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and Special Protection Area, is home to thousands of species of birds, plants and animals across a wide variety of different habitats.

Local MSP Nigel Don has also added his support for the project which he said would further protect the reserve’s environment.

He said: “I’m very pleased to welcome this continuing investment in local facilities by Scottish Water. We take access to fresh water for granted and assume our sewage will be treated properly, so we often don’t notice the large, complex and expensive equipment that is needed.

“I congratulate Scottish Water on the service they provide and warmly welcome this new investment which will protect our unique environment.”

The scheme is one of a number of projects being carried out across the county and future works will include the refurbishment of water pipes and improvements to water treatment plants.