Call for new Montrose councillors

Looking towards Montrose High Street
Looking towards Montrose High Street

A debate about whether Montrose is an industrial town or a tourist destination has left a local businessman and woman calling for new town councillors.

Last week the Review reported that a discussion arose at a Montrose Together Partnership meeting as to whether our royal burgh is an industry centre or a place that attracts visitors.

Councillor Bill Duff told us he believes Montrose thrives on industry and not tourism.

Local businessman and woman Henry and Gail Pinder say as elected members councillors should be promoting all businesses in Montrose, both industrial and hospitality.

Mr Pinder said: “I think when the next election comes we need new councillors, someone with a bit of zest about them. Someone who is interested in all businesses in the town.”

The couple say that tourism is important to Montrose and brings in revenue.

Mr Pinder continued: “We see a lot of tourists from all over coming to Montrose. Lots of English people are coming up here with their families in the summer of holidays.

“I’ve spoken to other businesses in the town and they feel the same was as us.

“I spoke to one local supplier who said it isn’t the industrial businesses he is supplying to it is the shops, cafes and restaurants in the town.”

Mrs Pinder said: “I’ve lived up and down the East Coast from Aberdeen to Scarborough and there has always been both industry and tourism in places.

“We’ve employed people from school right the way through university until they go into their careers.”

She added: “Councillors used to come around the businesses and ask how they were getting on. They never come out to local businesses nowadays.”

Councillor Duff told us after reading our story in last week’s paper he doesn’t feel that anyone is disagreeing with his statement that the town relies on industry.

He said: “Montrose is principally an industrial town with some tourism offerings employing a small percentage of the workforce.

“Generally, tourism does pay lower wages than industrial jobs.

“As a councillor, I support all sectors within Angus.

“Locally I am on Montrose Golf Links Ltd board which is in the tourism sector and I work hard in their interests.

“I have attended many tourism related events whether promoted by the council or other parties.”