Calls for anti-gull action

FERRYDEN is the latest area to experience the district’s gull menace, with the village’s community council calling for action to be taken.

The matter was raised at Thursday’s community council meeting by Alastair Pullar who said there have been many cases of the birds attacking people around the pier and church areas, particularly during the summer.

He also said they create a mess around the church hall, which is a common perching point.

Mr Pullar said: “I was chatting recently to an elderly lady who goes on a walk round the village every day but she had to change her route, which included the pier, because she was attacked. I’ve also been attacked.

“The other problem is the mess they’re making, particularly around the lamp post outside the church hall; it really is quite revolting.

“I believe in Glaxo they have some kind of stuff on the top of the lamp posts that spiked so gulls don’t want to land there and I don’t see why that can’t be applied in our case.”

Mr Pullar added that many of the gulls seem to nest in the harbour area, and he called for Montrose Port Authority to take some action to help out its neighbours.

Chairman Gordon Brown also said that netting was also used at Glaxo although that had to be monitored constantly.

He said: “That has to be monitored and an eye kept on it. Apart from anything else a bird belonging to an endangered species gets caught in it and that would have to be released as soon as possible.

“I agree there is a gull nuisance but what we ask for has to be obtainable. There’s no point in jumping in and making things worse.”

Councillor David May pointed out that, once nesting sites have been identified, action can be taken.

He added: “If you meet with the harbour board then that could be one of the subjects you can raise.

“You could also contact the church about the birds gathering on the hall roof.”

Member Tina McLean said that during the spring and summer a falconer has been brought in to scare off the gulls around the harbour, but Mr Pullar said the same approach was ineffective when it was tried around the Academy.

He said: “I would have thought that the health and safety of people just walking along the road would have been paramount. Something needs to be done about it soon before they start nesting.”

Mr Pullar went on to say there have been complaints recently about noise, as well as gulls, emanating from the harbour area at night.

He said: “Recently there were logs being loaded and moved down to beside the pier. There are no buildings blocking there and the noise went on all night, not stopping until morning.”

Mrs McLean suggested organising a meeting with the port authority to discuss any issues arising from its relationship with the local community.

She said: “It’s a working harbour, it’s jobs and we understand that but we’re a community and I think sometimes they forget that.”