Calls for safety improvements at Laurencekirk Junction

North East Liberal Democrats are calling for the Scottish Government to make safety improvements at the notorious Laurencekirk Junction, following an under-spending at the new Forth crossing.

The cost of the Forth Replacement Crossing (FRC) has been cut by £50 million from the previous estimate made in 2013.

Following this news, North East Liberal Democrats Sir Robert Smith MP, Alison McInnes MSP and David May councillor for Montrose and Angus have called on the Scottish Government to use the leftover money to invest in safety improvements at the Laurencekirk junction.

Sir Robert said: “The crossing at Laurencekirk is dangerous and investment is long overdue. There is an opportunity now to do something about it and the chance must be grasped.”

Mrs McInnes said: “The case for the flyover has been made time and again, yet the Scottish Government continues to ignore the pleas for a proper, safe junction. The underspend on the new Forth crossing presents an opportunity for the Scottish Government to think again. The safety of local residents should be paramount. I urge the Scottish Government to commit this underspend to improving the safety of this junction.”

Mr May added: “It is good news that the cost of the Queensferry Crossing will be £50 million lower than previously estimated, so as a Montrose and Angus councillor I call on Keith Brown the Scottish Transport minister to use some of the money saved on the much needed flyover between Laurencekirk and Marykirk.

“The reasons for the flyover have been made many times over and the case is overwhelming, so Keith Brown can now at long last make the decision and get the work started. There is no reason for the delay as it is clear that the funds are now there in the Scottish Government’s budget.”