Calls for traffic calming before someone is killed

A MONTROSE woman is calling for traffic calming after her dog was hit by a car in Christie’s Lane.

Jeanes Graham said the two-year-old poodle, Grady, was struck so hard that shards of the car’s headlight were found lying next to it on the road. The driver, believed to be a young man, failed to stop.

She also said that speeding cars have become such a problem in the neighbourhood that they pose a danger to children and elderly residents.

The incident happened last Monday evening and she immediately took Grady, who is her daughter’s dog, to the vet. Jeanes said that he had suffered internal bleeding, a head injury and there are concerns there may be brain damage.

She said: “My brother went out and left the gate open and I didn’t know Grady had got out. I accept he shouldn’t have been out, but why didn’t they stop? They must have known they hit him. Would they have stopped if it had been a child? Someone will be killed there if something isn’t done.

“My mum and a neighbour saw Grady on the path and he was covered in blood and they said the driver just sped off. Another couple walking along the street picked him up and brought him along to the house. There was blood everywhere so I just grabbed him and took him to the vet.

“He now has staples in his head and he’s far from being OK. They were worried about his stomach because of the impact and he was vomiting blood. He has also been a bit wobbly on his legs and shaking.

“I’d like to personally thank the couple, who I think are local, who brought him back to the house and the Golf Vet Practice which treated him.”

Ms Graham said concern over cars speeding in the street, particularly driven by young people, is such that some residents are considering a petition to have traffic-calming measures installed.

She said: “They’re worried about young kids and the elderly and something needs to be done before someone is killed. With a lot of cars you can hear them before you see them. It’s unbelievable.”

Inspector Gordon Cryle, who is in charge of policing in Montrose, said this week that anyone who hits a dog is legally obliged to report the incident to police within 24 hours.

He also said that there have been no incidents of speeding reported from the Christie’s Lane area.

He said: “We tend to get complaints from round about Traill Drive, the beachfront and various other places but there’s no pattern of anything going on there as far as we know.

“We’ve been running an anti-social driving initiative for about a year now and a significant number of ASBOs have been given out and vehicle seizures made. We’d like to think we’re making a difference there and will keep it going as a matter of course.

“If it’s brought to our notice we’ll take a look at it and if we can get the registration numbers of offending vehicles that’s all the better for us to follow up on.”