Calls to introduce fuel stabiliser

SENIOR members of the Lib Dems in Angus are backing calls for the chancellor to introduce a fuel stabiliser

Angus Council’s convener of infrastructure services, Councillor David May, has added his support to local drivers and businesses who have called for fairer fuel.

He said: “As Angus is a rural area, our residents and businesses are at the mercy of rocketing fuel costs.

“I call on the UK Government to take urgent action to address the rising price of fuel by postponing the scheduled duty increase in April.

“In my view, this would help stimulate the Montrose and Brechin as well as the wider Angus and Tayside economy, by protecting motorists, road hauliers and our many rural communities from high and volatile fuel costs.”

Mrs Alison Andrews, who represents nearby Kirriemuir and Dean, said a fuel duty stabiliser was essential for fragile communities buckling under soaring prices at the pumps.

She said: “Where I live in rural Angus, it’s impossible to manage without a private car.

“The area I represent has a high proportion of remote communities where petrol and diesel are a necessity, not a luxury.

“Families and local businesses are all struggling as it is, and rising fuel costs impact painfully on everyone.

“I would urge the chancellor to apply his imagination to this problem and introduce a fuel duty stabiliser in his budget.”

They praised the pressure being put on the government and urged widespread public endorsement for it, a move echoed by Sanjay Samani, Liberal Democrat campaigner for Angus North and Mearns.

Mr Samani said: “Living as I do in a rural area, and like people in so much of Angus and Tayside, I am fully aware of the needs of our motorists and local businesses and I know how they are being directly affected by the increase in fuel costs.

“There is no doubt that a fuel duty stabiliser will reduce the impact of fuel price rises making a real difference to hard-pressed families and boost businesses in our rural area.

“I back the call on the chancellor to take action in his forthcoming budget.”