Calls to stop ignoring parking signs from Montrose councillor

A Montrose councillor is calling on drivers in Montrose and Angus to watch the length of time they park on town centre streets.

David May has campaigned to get traffic wardens back on our streets, following Police Scotland’s decision to get rid of them, but has been told that wardens will not return.

Mr May is now asking drivers to stop ignoring parking signs and keep to the length of time the signs state they can park for.

He said: “The issue most regularly raised with me is parking and the effect of the loss of the traffic wardens due to a decision by Police Scotland.

“I have made it clear to everyone who has spoken to me about parking that it has been made clear to me by the centralised police force that this decision will not be reversed despite the problems this loss has caused.

“As a result of lengthy discussions with many drivers and residents it has been pointed out to me that the loss of the wardens has meant that instead of drivers parking for the short period of time on the signs, more and more drivers are leaving their vehicles for very lengthy periods and on some occasions many hours.

“This has led to drivers looking for parking spaces to shop in our town centres and finding it very difficult to find a space and some have then been parking where they should not.

“Consequently, I call on drivers in our towns to keep to the length of time on the signs, as ignoring this has effectively led to a loss of parking spaces and meant our local shops in the high streets are suffering loss of business.”