Can you help Police dogs?

THE GRAMPIAN Police Dog Section is on the lookout for new venues in which to train their dogs.

Although the Dog Section already receives considerable support from local landowners and property owners in the Grampian area, they are always on the lookout for new locations to test the dogs and to keep their training as realistic as possible.

Sergeant Fay Tough from Grampian Police said: “The dog section is looking for any landowner who has open fields, woodland or rough ground that they would allow the handlers to train their dogs on.

“This ground obviously has to be safe for the general public, the handlers as well as the dogs and somewhere that we can train to ensure the dog section delivers the kind of service the residents of Grampian Police area deserve.

“A large amount of the work our dogs are involved in includes searching open fields and woodland as well as rough ground so having the opportunity to train in similar environments keeps the dogs’ abilities sharp and professional.

“We would also like to hear from any person who has access to any unused buildings as these can prove hugely beneficial in training dogs in searching enclosed, domestic type environments.”

In the past the Dog Section has been allowed to train in disused hospitals, offices, schools and residential care homes but general disrepair or vandalism has made many such premises unsuitable and as such new venues are being sought.

If any person has access to open ground, woodland or buildings which they think could be used by the Dog Section for training, Grampian Police would like to hear from you.

To discuss the suitability of training venues contact should be made with Sergeant Fay Tough at Grampian Police Dog Section, Nelson Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5EQ or on 0845 600 5 700.