Careless parking problems for nursing home

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CARELESS parking in Mill Street is causing problems with traffic flow, particularly for nearby Fordmill Nursing Home.

The situation is becoming so bad that Angus Council has begun the process of implementing traffic orders to introduce double yellow lines to stretches of the street.

Local councillor David May said the situation has been aggravated by people using Showcase the Street’s premises which his a decant venue for sports centre activities during the building’s closure.

The close parking is causing problems for larger vehicles making deliveries to Fordmill and other nearby premises and Councillor May fears it may also cause problems for emergency service vehicles answering 999 calls.

He took the matter up with the authority’s roads department after complaints from Fordmill.

Councillor May said: “Fordmill raised the problem of parking near their side entrance and I took one of the roads officers round to show him. As a consequence of that road being especially busy because of the decant sports facilities and the building being used by Showcase the Street, the number of cars parking has increased hugely.

“At times access to the home for food deliveries and its minibus is very difficult and people should be aware that they shouldn’t be parking on the corners of the entrance and across the road from it.

“As a result of the meeting with the roads officer traffic orders have been set in motion although these will have to be consulted on. I’ve also been in touch with the police to see what can be done on a temporary basis.”

Councillor May also called on motorists to be aware of where they are parking and try to avoid restricting traffic flow or causing obstructions.

He said: “In the meantime, I would ask people to take note of the fact it’s a nursing home, and there are times when emergency vehicles will need access to the street.”

At the time of going to press no-one from Fordmill’s parent company Barchester was available for comment.