Carol service at Montrose’s iconic Traill Pavilion

Traill Pavilion
Traill Pavilion

For what is thought to be the first time ever, there will be festive music at Montrose’s Traill Pavilion on Christmas Eve.

Every Christmas Eve since opening in 2011, Mum’s of Montrose has organised carol singing at the tearooms on Castle Place.

This year the Montrose Town Band will again be providing the music, not in the tea rooms but at Auntie’s Parlour in the Traill Pavilion on the Montrose beach front.

It will take place on Christmas Eve from 5pm when Jim Easton, aged 88, who has been the bandmaster for more than years 60 years, will lead the service for the public.

Jane Watson, owner of Mum’s of Montrose and Auntie Parlour, said: “This has never been done before in the history of the Pavilion which has usually been left locked up during the winter months.

“The building has been given a new lease of life.”

There will be hot chocolate and mince pies while singing along with the Town Band, with the sea just feet away.

Montrose Town Band offers music lessons, and use of instruments, free of charge every week in their band hall in Queen’s Close on Tuesday evenings for juniors and Friday evenings for seniors, call in to make enquiries, returning players are welcome.