Cast play to intimate crowd at town hall

Cast on stage
Cast on stage

British band Cast, who Noel Gallagher once likened their live performance to “a religious experience”, played to a intimate crowd at Montrose Town Hall as part of their reunion tour.

The pop-rock group from Liverpool, who formed in 1992, got back together last year and have been touring across the UK this year.

This is first time the band - made up of John Power, Liam ‘Skin’ Tyson, Pete Wilkinson and Keith O’Neill - have performed together since 2001.

Between touring extensively all year Cast have been working on material for a brand new album.

‘Baby Blue Eyes’ is the first track from what will be the sixth Cast album, 20 years on from their debut record ‘All Change’.

The new album is available for pre-order on the PledgeMusic website.

Cast, who were happy to mingle with fans after the show, took to the stage in Montrose on Sunday for a concert organised by Montrose Music Festival.

Support came from The Lottery Winners and former Sergeant frontman Nick Mercer Jnr, who also performed a warm up slot at Harry’s Bar, Hume Street, before the gig at the town hall.

David Paton, MoFest chairman, told us: “It was a fantastic gig for a Sunday evening.

“The turn out was as great and as expected for a Sunday, we sold about 450 tickets from a capped 600 ticket gig as part of Cast’s intimate venue tour, so we were really pleased. The hall was still full, but comfortably full.

“All bands got a great reception from the crowd and the hall was busy from the outset with supporters there for each act.

“Nick Mercer Jnr got everyone started with his melodic chilled out tunes and The Lottery Winners got everyone dancing and singing along and taking part, which was excellent.

“When Cast came on the crowd went mad and enjoyed every single tune they performed, culminating in a medley of some of their best tunes and finishing with ‘Alright’ and some amazing guitar solos. The crowd was not disappointed.

“A few of the band members even came into the hall straight after to chat with the public, which was great to see.”

The gig was on top of North Irish rockers Ash headlining the festival in May and a summer concert on the East Links from ska legends Madness.

David said: “It’s been another amazing year for the festival and the tag on events.

“We are all very proud of what we have achieved once again and can only thank the support of the town and the everyone who comes to the gigs to support them.

“The array of geographical location’s for Sunday night was also great to see - we had people from Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee, which is great for such a small town.”

David added: “As per usual at this time of year we have started the plans for MoFest 2016, which is our ninth festival, and are again looking to build on the success of the previous years to bring the town top class acts which everyone can enjoy.”

When asked what is next for MoFest, the chairman said: “We also have a couple of other events coming up, including a quiz night fundraiser in the Occasions Suite on Friday, November 27.

“We also have plans for something different for the town which will take place in March next year - a little warm up for MoFest. Details are to be released very soon.”

He concluded: “We are also on the hunt for some new members for the main committee.”

If anyone is interested in joining the team, you can submit a short CV of your background and experience, detailing what you feel you could bring to the table to

Application forms for next year’s festival are now live on the MoFest website for bands, artists and stallholders to apply for MoFest 2016.