Celtic Connections continue at club

THE 2013 season at Montrose Folk Club in the Links Hotel, Montrose, continues with an appearance on Tuesday, February 5, by Rachel Newton and Laura-Beth Salter.

Continuing the theme of Celtic Connections, Rachel and Laura-Beth are also appearing in Montrose only days after playing gigs at Celtic Connections. They are both members of the award-winning all-female band, The Shee who are not only headliners for one of the concerts at Celtic Connections, but Rachel will also be starring in a concert, as an individual, when presenting an evening featuring harp music. Her debut CD as a singer and harpist was one of the four nominations for Album of the Year in the Scottish Trad Music Awards 2012 and were one of the four nominations in the category of Band of the Year at the 2012 Trad Music Awards. The C.D. showcases the unique way in which Rachel uses both acoustic and electric harps to accompany songs and to work together in an instrumental setting on her own inventive compositions. The instrumentals are beautifully executed using the wide range of textures, moods and sounds. Rachel is also a member of the Emily Portman Trio and has been playing with the new duo of Mary Macmaster and Donald Hay, formerly of Men at Work in gigs to launch the new Macmaster/Hay album, ‘Hook’. She also plays fiddle and harmonium to add to the song accompaniment. Laura-Beth plays guitar and mandolin, as well as being a fine songwriter and vocalist. Her singing has been particularly influenced by her love of blues, blue grass and other old time American music. Everyone is welcome at Montrose Folk Club next Tuesday to hear two of the rising stars of the Scottish folk scene. Doors open at 7.30 p.m. with Rachel and Laura-Beth on stage at 8 p.m.