Celtic rockers are Makinadin in Montrose

LOCAL Celtic rock band Makinadin are hoping to score a hit off the pitch this weekend after the much anticipated Montrose v Rangers game at Links Park.

The five-piece band are playing at the Picture House Bar on Saturday night at 8.30 p.m., and in the Black Abbot in Montrose from 6 pm. to 9 p.m.

The band’s line-up is Mark Lumgair on pipes, Hannah Coutts on fiddle, Gordon Andrews and Kevin Thomson on guitar and Scott Anderson on bass guitar.

Gordon explained: “We originally formed way back in 1999 and called ourselves Shindig, but only for a short time as we later found out a band by the same name had already been formed in Dundee. Mark came up 
with the name Makinadin and although the pronunciation has been somewhat misconstrued over the years, it’s 
stuck with us ever since. The original line up comprised of myself, Mark, Tom Masson (keyboard) Jaime Addison (Fiddle).

“We primarily got together thanks to Robina Addison, to fill in a slot for her open air dancing show, staged in Montrose football ground – Links Park; a daunting experience to say the least playing in front of 1500 people. 
“Although we managed to top that 
a couple of years later when we 
played to 2000 at the Waterfront 
Theatre in Belfast! We had no 
intention of continuing after Robina’s show however; friends and family 
persuaded us to take the band 

“We have had a few changes of members over the years; that coupled with medical problems, commitments and family we decided to have a gap up until last year when we invited Hannah (Dr Coutts) to play fiddle and Kevin her partner to play guitar, both accomplished musicians in their own right. Since both joined they have been nothing but an immense source of inspiration to myself, Mark and Scott and given us a new lease of life as far as the music is concerned, it is a great pleasure playing with them and has rejuvenated our approach to what was otherwise a lost cause!”