Centralised police concerns

Councillor David May has expressed his concern about the new centralised police authority for Angus but has praised community policing.

Mr May said: “I have read that the new Police Scotland Authority has cut a nearby local council’s road safety initiatives and have concerns with regards to road safety with Angus and Tayside policing. I will be asking if it has changed in the last year or so.”

He continued: “Community policing in Montrose and Angus has been very successful and I applaud our community police in Montrose for the role they have played within our communities such as with young people in providing alternative activities like our first class Friday Night project and organising amazing community events like it’s a knockout and Borrowfield fun day.

“However, I have heard that our community policing system is under threat from the new Police Chief Constable Stephen House’s reorganisation. In my view the local policing plan should not be signed off by our convener in Angus, if our community policing is threatened.

“I have been informed, although not from Police Scotland, that our local area inspector who has only been in post a few months has now moved on. I previously complained about the need for continuity in policing and was told that there would be an emphasis on this in future and am appalled that what I had been told is no longer the case. I was opposed to the centralisation of policing as one size fits all is certainly not the answer to meeting local needs and it appears that my worst concerns are being realised. I said at a previous committee that this decision had been made and I accepted it.”