Centre re-opens after £1.5m upgrade

Petrofac have re-opened their fire and emergency training facility in Montrose
Petrofac have re-opened their fire and emergency training facility in Montrose

Energy service giant Petrofac has re-opened its Montrose fire and emergency response training facility, following a £1.5 million upgrade.

Petrofac Training Services (PTS) say trainees will now benefit from fire training at one of the world’s most advanced oil and gas training centres.

The 16-acre site has nine state-of-the-art training modules, three heli-decks and vast practical fire grounds to ensure trainees are prepared for a wide range of emergency response scenarios.

There are also 24 classrooms where they can be briefed and debriefed using state-of-the-art interactive training software.

Improvements to fire training facilities have also made the centre greener, with natural gas now in use on the fire ground, new fire pumps and a new electric fire-ground support vehicle to replace its diesel predecessor.

This has cut greenhouse gas emissions and shrunk the centre’s carbon footprint by half.

Gordon Caird, regional director of PTS, said: “Since our Montrose fire and emergency training centre first opened its doors in 1978, it has played a pivotal role in setting standards and delivering world-class training and assessment to more than 350,000 delegates from across the globe.

“Our investment at Montrose sends a clear message to the oil and gas industry around the world – we will remain at your side delivering your training needs, whatever they may be, for the years to come.

He added: “This is an investment in your future as well as ours.”

The Montrose site was formerly part of RGIT Montrose until it was bought by Petrofac for £17.4 million in 2004.

The facility has also been a part of the development of emergency response equipment acting as an industry testing ground, for example, for new fire fighting foam and deluge systems.

Malcolm Webb, chief executive of Oil and Gas UK, said: “Investment on this scale demonstrates that Petrofac has confidence in the remaining commercial potential of the UK Continental Shelf, and highlights its commitment to developing the skills of the industry’s workforce using the latest interactive technology to enhance the effectiveness of safety training.

“I applaud this far-sighted investment in the future of the UK offshore oil and gas industry and the safety of the people who work in it.”