‘Charles Pirie’ a contender for Dungman’s Tack name

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A LOCAL lady has contacted us after reading last week’s letter about suggestions for street names for the new council housing at Dungman’s Tack.

She says: “If the council were looking for ideas, I would like to suggest Charles Pirie, who lived in a cottage there and worked in his market garden for many, many years next to where Aber Coull had his allotment, and where the new housing is now situated.

“He was my neighbour and friend and he sold flowers, fruit and vegetables all year round.

“He also had chickens and sold the eggs.

“He did all the work himself and was open seven days a week all year round.

“Some readers might remember he used to have a wooden box outside his gate in Broomfield Road with flowers for sale at 10p a bunch.

“He died nearly 20 years ago in his late 70s.”

Our correspondent concludes: “I hope readers will agree that Charles Pirie is also a good candidate for a street name at Dungman’s Tack.”

* If any other readers have suggestions for street names in this new development, we would be pleased to print them.

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