Chief executive at YM

RICHARD Stiff, Angus Council’s chief executive, and Robert Peat, director of social work, were guests of Montrose YM last week.

During their fact-finding visit, organised by Councillor Mark Salmond, they were given an additional duty.

YM manager Val Cooper explained: “It was opportune that the chief executive was visiting and was happy to present awards to the second round of the ‘Cook It’ programme, undertaken by fourth year pupils from Montrose Academy. The ‘Cook It’ programme is a Vocational Course in Life Skills, which is run over eight to 10 weeks.

“It is a partnership between Montrose Academy and the Montrose YM, under the Curriculum for Excellence.”

Mrs Cooper added: “Having completed the course, the eight pupils achieved sections of their Adventure Services Challenge Senior Level 1 Awards and I was delighted that Mr Stiff agreed to present the awards to the Montrose Academy Pupils. The pupils were thrilled that the chief executive presented the certificates and chatted with them”.