Chinese event for pupils

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THE CHINESE New Year was celebrated in style at Marykirk Primary School on Friday, with a visit from Teresa Lindsay-Martin, owner of the Marykirk Hotel, and her chef, Michael Casey.

Pupils at the village school had been undertaking a project on China, so they were delighted to have first-hand information, as well as practical demonstrations.

Chef Michael demonstrated cooking stir fry noodles in his wok, for children and staff.

The entire school was involved in the event, and greatly enjoyed it.

The Chinese New Year - this time round The Year of the Rabbit - was also celebrated with a mini-lion dance.

Teresa had brought a lion’s head to the school with her, and the children enjoyed wearing it and dancing around behind its wearer.

The Year of the Rabbit has taken over from The Year of the Tiger. Next year it will be The Year of the Dragon.

This is year 4709 in the Chinese calendar, falling on the second new moon after the winter.

As well as the stir-fry noodles, the children were given the traditional fortune cookies, in addition to Chinese sweets and fruit.

r Pictured with the children at Marykirk Primary School on Friday are head teacher Mrs Jennifer Garnes, and Marykirk Hotel chef Michael Casey.