Club members learn of Discovery Awards

MONTROSE and District Probus Club met on Tuesday, March 22, when they were addressed by Arnold and Lorna Warren about their Discovery Award projects.

After a brief introduction informing members of what the Discovery Awards are - they were described as the geriatric version of the Duke of Edinburgh awards!

They explained that the awards have three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold and each is divided into four parts - service in the community, recreational pursuit, hobbies and discovery challenge. Lorna then told the group about her genealogy project.

She is tracing the life of her great grandmother Helen Murray from Nairn in 1827 to her death. Her life took her from the farm, into service in London and then on to Plymouth and Portsmouth.

There were several interesting offshoots from the line, but one which had been of great importance to her Grandmother involved the White Horse Inn in Elgin. Lorna recounted her visit to it and told of the disappointment she experienced when she realised that today it is a simple pub.

Arthur then recounted his challenge project into the Forth Clyde and Union Canals. He told of the history dating from 1788 when the Forth Clyde was opened, and then the Union which dates from 1822. He described the labour intensive work in their construction and the problems that had been created by modern developments after their loss of use.

Problems included bridges being built across them at level height and the need to reconstruct and heighten them to allow vessels to pass underneath.

This whole construction was funded by the Lottery Millennium Fund and cost £90 million to complete. The overall achievement was that with the Falkirk Wheel structure it is possible to cross Scotland either Clyde to Forth or Bowling Basin to Edinburgh by boat - a distance of 70 miles.

The vote of thanks was given by John Rennie.