Coastguard carry out essential training at Lunan Bay

Coastguard officers 'rescuing' the family
Coastguard officers 'rescuing' the family

Coastguard rescue officers were called to Lunan Bay to help a family who were injured - luckily this was only a training exercise.

On Sunday morning officers carried out a training session on the north end of Lunan Bay round to Ethie Haven, which involved a potential scenario involving an injured father and two children.

A HM Coastguard spokesperson for Angus and the Mearns said: “Today (Sunday) saw rescue officers from Montrose, Arbroath and Carnoustie along with RNLI crew members aboard the all weather and inshore lifeboats from Montrose take part in a joint search training exercise.

“The exercise was conducted as close to the real event as possible including alerting the teams and crew by paging.

“The scenario included three casualties.

“A father and two children out for a walk when the father fell and sustained leg and head injuries.

“The two children tried to summon help by climbing the cliffs to find a phone signal.

“One of the children ended up in the water where she was rescued by a lifeboat swimmer and given first aid.

“The other child was walked to further medical care and the father was stretchered out, due to his broken leg.

“All casualties were recovered and conveyed to further medical care.

“Training is vital to all organisations not just on their own remit but how these are utilised and interacted with by others. Joint training is an ideal opportunity to put all skills to the test.”