Common Good worries

MONTROSE councillor Paul Valentine has reacted with astonishment at the stance taken by Angus Alliance councillor Mark Salmond, with regard to the vote on Arbroath Common Good assets.

At Thursday’s Angus Council meeting, Councillor Salmond opted for a presumption against Common Good assets being kept within the Common Good.

Mr Valentine said: “In Arbroath, this would have meant the loss of the library gifted to the people of Arbroath. This would simply have become Angus Council property.

“This is a shocking decision to have been made. Councillor Salmond knows that the Common Good funds in the other burghs will also be audited.

“Without documented evidence to the contrary, Councillor Salmond’s vote could have given away parts of Montrose links, the golf course, or any other Montrose Common Good asset.

“Thankfully there were some members of the Angus Alliance who saw sense and voted for the presumption against Angus Council taking these assets away from the people who actually own them.”