Community council neutral on GSK plans

no FORMAL comment on GlaxoSmithKline’s wind turbine proposals will be lodged by Montrose Community Council, it has emerged.

The outcome of a recent public meeting on the issue was discussed by members in private after their regular meeting last Thursday, when the group’s neutral stance was decided.

The community council, as a statutory consultee in the planning process, organised the open meeting two weeks ago to help gauge the Montrose community’s opinions on the scheme as a foundation for its own response to GSK’s planning application.

A written statement issued after its closed discussion said: “At the end of last night’s bi-monthly meeting, Montrose Community Council members met to discuss their findings from last week’s public consultation meeting about GSK’s wind turbine application.

“After detailed discussions, the community councillors felt that they were unable to make a representation to support or make an objection to the application as members have concluded that public opinion is equally divided on this issue.”

The community council was criticised previously over an apparent lack of consultation on GSK’s proposals.

A spokesman for Ferryden-based action group No Way GSK had accused the body of “downright sabotage” for failing to have the issue on its agenda at its meetings after the turbine project was announced and giving local people “a voice in the matter”.

The meeting held in Montrose Academy, which was attended by more than 100 people from across the Montrose area, allowed GSK representatives to put their case for the two 426-feet high turbines directly to the public, take questions and mount an exhibition illustrating its proposals.

A variety of opinions and concerns was expressed ranging from the turbines’ visual impact on the town and its skyline to the need to secure the site’s future for the area’s long-term economic benefit.