Compare fuel costs

MANY older people would like to compare fuel costs from different suppliers, but just don’t know where to start.

Angus Care and Repair may have the answer for you.

The organisation has worked in partnership with Trading Standards to provide this service for their service users and during the pilot study some existing clients were invited into the Care and Repair offices to assess their options for saving energy. Thirty-two people showed potential savings of £5,383, and an average potential energy saving of £165 per household.

Angus Care and Repair manager Judith Leslie explained: “Many older and disabled people do not have access to a computer or internet to investigate possible savings. From our experience speaking with older people’s groups it does appear that older householders are less likely to have changed their energy providers. In addition it is often our older and disabled householders who spend more of their time in their home and therefore need affordable warmth.

“We would like to encourage our client group to come to us to investigate possible savings. This is completely confidential and there is no push to make a decision. With winter approaching and money having to stretch further it is important to consider any ways of saving money and keeping warm that we can. Care and Repair can also advise about available insulation grants.”

Clients previously had to go to the Care and Repair office for this service but can now receive the energy tariff check in their own home with funding for equipment from British Gas Energy Trust.

Contact Helen in the office on 01307 463232 to refer yourself. One of the officers will visit you at home and provide you with options available. This is a completely free service for over 60 year-olds or disabled people of any age.

Information packs with leaflets are also available from council ACCESS offices. Details of the project and links to energy advice and partner websites are available on the Angus Energy Saving Project A-Z page. Consumers can also contact uSwitch on 0800 404 7919 or visit the uSwitch website.