Complaints over park’s maintenance

Ragwort in the paddock next to the Rosemount Estate car park.'Staff photograph
Ragwort in the paddock next to the Rosemount Estate car park.'Staff photograph

CRITICISM has been levelled at Angus Council over the condition of the path network at Rosemount Estate in Hillside.

A local resident, who asked not to be named, this week said the paths, car park and entrance to the estate are unkempt and overgrown.

She also said that ragwort in the paddock next to the car park, popular with dog walkers, is now out of control and should have been cleared.

Ragwort can be poisonous to livestock and horses and is covered by The Ragwort Control Act 2003 which requires landowners to control the weed to prevent its spread on to grazing land.

The woman said: “The whole field is covered from edge to edge with plants and is full of ragwort, which isn’t permitted. The council would give other people into trouble for allowing it so it should have been sprayed to clear it. If it’s a public park it shouldn’t be like that.

“While the roadways are OK the paths are overgrown with thistles and nettles and have been like that for some time, even outside the gateway, the picnic area and car park. For a while it was kept clear by people doing community service but I don’t think that has happened for a while.

“It just needs someone to go around with a strimmer and clear it.”

An Angus Council spokeswoman said the authority intends to carry out maintenance work in the near future.

She said: “The paddock field at Rosemount Estate is due to be cut shortly and pruning works to shrubs and trees will be looked at over the winter period.”