Complete cull called for

Local man Dave Dakers is calling for a cull of the seagulls in the town which he says are a “complete nuisance”.

Dave, who stays on Rossie Island, told the Review: “Angus Council are simply not addressing the problem.

“Removing the eggs and nests isn’t going to do anything as the gulls have an instinct to come straight back to their breeding ground. They are a complete nuisance.

“A complete cull of the birds is the only answer.”

A spokesperson from Angus Council said: “The council doesn’t have a statutory duty to deal with urban gulls and pigeons, however we do recognise that this causes concern for some residents. One of the simplest way of addressing this problem is ensuring that the birds do not have a food source. If food isn’t available they will return to their natural habitat and food sources. Members of the public and businesses are asked to always dispose of refuse properly and ensure that all food waste is stored in closed containers.”

Angus residents are being reminded that a free gull egg and nest removal service is on offer for residential properties from Monday (April 14).

“The free service from Angus Council is available to householders and tenants during the period when gulls are typically building nests or have eggs in a nest.

“The council is urging residents to get in touch about the service before the eggs have been laid, because treatment cannot be undertaken after they have hatched.

“Commercial premises will still be expected to deal with gull nests as part of their general maintenance programme and meet the cost involved.

“Residents who require the removal of eggs and nests or would like further information about the service provided should contact ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”