Concern over East Coast route

Montrose Train Station. Photo by Nigel Thompson
Montrose Train Station. Photo by Nigel Thompson

A local politician has called upon the UK government to make a commitment that the new franchisee on the East Coast main line will continue to use all current stations on the route, such as Montrose and Arbroath.

Angus MP Mike raised the issue after reports in Rail magazine that Dunbar was to be dropped from the route in an effort to improve journey times from Edinburgh to the south.

Mr Weir raised the matter at Scottish Questions seeking an assurance from the Scottish Secretary that no other stations would be dropped.

He said: “The East Coast mainline is an important service for Angus with stops in Montrose and Arbroath giving a direct service to the main centres along the east of the country down to London.”

“The news that trains will no longer stop in Dunbar is concerning and raises the fear that there may be attempts to drop other stations from the route.

He added: “It has been suggested before that East Coast trains should no longer stop at stations in Fife and Angus to speed up journey times between the major cities.

“This would be completely unacceptable.”

Mr Weir expressed his disappointment that the Minister did not appear even to be aware of the issue, and said he would continue to press this matter.