Concerns about boats ‘with no owner’ in Ferryden

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Both Ferryden Community Council and Montrose Basin Management Committee are becoming increasingly concerned about the number of abandoned boats adjacent to the railway bridge at the entrance to Ferryden.

While some are seaworthy many are in a state of disrepair and some look they were given up by their owners some time ago.

A recent survey counted 41 boats in this area.

The river east of the Road Bridge comes under the jurisdiction of the Harbour Board but on the Basin side no mooring fees are payable and this area has become a haven for a number of small craft.

Commenting, Montrose Councillor Bill Duff said: “There are many responsible boat owners who look after their vessels and keep them well maintained.

“However, it is clear that many people have abandoned their boats and left rotting structures littering up what is an attractive part of Montrose and Ferryden.“

Councillor Duff concluded: “We are currently trying to trace the owners and will be handing that information to the appropriate authorities for action.”