Council aiming to build on employment scheme’s success

JOB SEEKERS who took part in an innovative new project to boost their employment prospects have been have been congratulated on their achievements.

The Angus Employability Academy, believed to be the first of its kind in Scotland, brought together specialist organisations from across the public, private and voluntary sector.

The objective of the academy was to provide people with the skills they need to move closer or into employment.

The project was part of the work being undertaken by Angus Economic Development Partnership to get local people back into work, volunteering, further education or training.

The partnership is led by Angus Council’s economic development service, whose spokeswoman, Councillor Mairi Evans, praised the scheme and those who had taken part.

She said: “This innovative project was designed to help local people enter, and stay, in the jobs market and I would like to congratulate all those who took part and have moved into employment or training.

“I hope that in the future we can build on this approach, as one of a range of measures being implemented by Angus Council and its partners to support the local economy during these tough financial times, assisting people back into the workplace while providing a skilled workforce for Angus businesses.”

The academy was available to all Jobcentre Plus customers who are resident in Angus.

People taking part were offered help with a range of topics including self-motivation, CV preparation and searching for a job.

Of those who attended the academy, 10 entered employment, and one person took up a training opportunity.